A world-first in dry pet food technology. 100% fresh ingredients.  No meat meals.


world-first in dry pet food technology. 100% fresh ingredients.         

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Because fresh is best

• Fresh is more natural 

Animals naturally feed on fresh food. They enjoy it and gain all the nutrients they require from it. 

• Fresh is healthier

Fresh ingredients naturally contain high levels of nutrients and antioxidants. Fresh ingredients also generally have lower levels of degraded product. Both of these factors help to support the health and wellbeing of pets.

• Fresh is more digestible

Fresh meat is inherently more digestible (up to 98%) when compared to rendered meat meals. This means that less protein is needed and wasted.

• Fresh is tastier and has higher acceptance

Fresh food and ingredients are naturally more palatable and attractive. Pets prefer the taste and select a natural diet that supports their health and growth.

• Better traceability and provenance

GA know the exact source of their fresh meat and have close relationships with their suppliers. This short supply chain ensures the ingredients are freshly delivered every day, producing a superior dry pet food.